Tango Shoe Bag

My friends are tango enthusiasts always on the look out for a more perfect Tango  Shoe Bag. By ‘tango,’  I mean Argentine tango. Tango aficionados  see other forms of tango –ballroom tango–as a caricature of the ‘real tango.’


Peu important le tango, you need ‘tango shoes with a suede sole and a Tango Shoe Bag to bring the shoes to the milongas. These shoes you cannot wear shopping in the mall or hiking through the park.

They are special shoes for just the right amount of slide and resistance on the dance floor. So everyone needs for a Tango Shoe Bag. However, you soon discover you need a place for organic water, breath fresheners, glasses for the fine print warning of danger to pregnant women and kids, sunglasses, keys, maybe even an extra shirt when the perspiration breaks through social tolerance — and maybe even an extra pair of shoes! So the tango shoe bag soon serves a greater purpose and needs to be larger than the small fake cloth housing at the time of purchase. Voilà Le Sac, our shoe Tango bag.